It’s no secret that hydrogen peroxide is good at killing germs – that’s why it is
available in most drug stores as an antiseptic, to treat cuts or wounds on our skin. But
when it comes to killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces, whether in LP
facilities, healthcare, or anywhere else, hydrogen peroxide needs some help to get the job
done. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®(AHP®), the technology used in SHYIELD™ Disinfectants,
harnesses the antimicrobial properties of hydrogen peroxide but allows it to work
effectively as a disinfectant. Here’s where pure hydrogen peroxide falls short, and how
AHP® overcomes this to deliver an effective solution for cannabis facility surfaces:
  • Stability – By itself, hydrogen peroxide is an unstable molecule. It tends to break down to
    water and oxygen right away when exposed to open air and light – this is why
    commercial hydrogen peroxide solutions are packaged in a brown bottle, to prevent
    exposure. Once applied to a surface, the molecule would break down before it was
    able to kill pathogens. AHP® uses chelating agents to stabilize the active
    hydrogen peroxide, preventing this breakdown from taking place. The result of this
    is a solution that remains stable for 2 years (with the exception of diluted
    concentrate, which has a 30-day shelf life. No special storage precautions are
    required, such as opaque containers, as SHYIELD™ disinfectant is not affected by
  • Speed of Activity – Even if hydrogen peroxide was capable of remaining active for long enough to be
    effective, it would not work quickly enough to be a realistic choice for busy
    cannabis operations. Pure hydrogen peroxide solutions take anywhere from 10–75
    minutes to achieve disinfection. AHP® contains commonly used, safe ingredients
    that “accelerate” the action of the hydrogen peroxide, killing viruses, bacteria,
    and fungi in 3–5 minutes.
  • Occupational Safety – Even a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is the standard product in
    pharmacies, is not ideal from an occupational safety standpoint, and some
    solutions used in other products are much higher. The maximum concentration of
    hydrogen peroxide in AHP® is 0.5%, six times lower than what you can buy off most
    pharmacy shelves. The result of this is a solution that is non-toxic,
    non-irritating to eyes and skin and is not associated with any occupational
  • Cleaning Capabilities – Hydrogen peroxide solutions do not naturally contain detergents – this means
    that they would not be effective if applied to a surface with any residual dirt on
    it. For LP environments, where oils, resins, and other organic debris are
    everywhere, using a one-step disinfectant like SHYIELD™, with strong detergency
    properties, can make all the difference.
Alone, hydrogen peroxide may be useful for some things, but for cleaning surfaces in
cannabis facilities, it won’t make the cut. SHYIELD™ Disinfectants, powered by
Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®, use low levels of hydrogen peroxide, with
chelating agents, detergents, and other commonly used ingredients to create a
formulation that is effective against the toughest cannabis pathogens, while remaining
safe to your team.

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