In your facility’s battle to prevent powdery mildew infections, cleaning and disinfection
solutions for cannabis-licensed producer facilities are essential weapons in your arsenal.
Powdery mildew infections in cannabis facilities are a bane of cannabis producers. It
slows photosynthesis, resulting in less robust and unhealthy plants. Even more critical,
powdery mildew is a hazard to the well-being of cannabis consumers and the reputation of
your facility.
The fungi release spores that can be transmitted through air, water and by your personnel.
The infection can also spread during the propagation stage, when the plants are most
vulnerable to infections.
Unfortunately, your facility presents the perfect environment for powdery mildew to
thrive. The humidity that supports your plants also stimulates the growth of the
fungi. It is vital that you prevent the progression of powdery mildew before it can
seize a foothold.

When your staff wipes or mops without using a disinfectant, it can spread the spores
around and increase the chances of infection. Disinfection is even more vital in areas
where personnel may have encountered spores on their hands or clothing, or frequently
come in contact with surfaces.
When you select your disinfectant, it is crucial to consider several characteristics.
Products should adhere to
Health Canada ACMPR guidelines and
OSHA for use in every area where pathogens may be present, including:
  • Production
  • Processing
  • Testing
  • Packaging
  • Clean rooms
You must be able to ensure proper disinfection of any sources of contamination such
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Work surfaces
  • Both automated and handheld equipment
  • Storage areas
  • Lighting fixtures

While it is essential that your disinfectant be effective against fungi, it should not
affect the health of your plants or your staff. You should choose a product that is not
toxic, corrosive or irritating and leaves no active residue.
SHYIELD™ One-Step Disinfectant, based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®(AHP®), can meet
and exceed every requirement for disinfecting your facility. SHYIELD™ disinfectant
solution can maintain wet on a surface long enough to achieve disinfection and guarantee
effectiveness. This technology has a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria,
viruses and fungi and continues to remain effective in areas where organic debris may be
present, such as growing rooms. In addition to being tough on pathogens,AHP® has lowest
toxicity rating and will not harm equipment or surfaces.
AHP® is also biodegradable and doesn’t persist in the environment, allowing your
disinfection program to achieve the perfect balance between efficacy and both personnel
and environmental safety. By choosing SHYIELD™, you are making a greener and more
sustainable choice for the environment!


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