SHYIELD™ disinfectants were formulated to kill tough pathogens that threaten the health of
your yield, including powdery mildew, grey mold, and fusarium. But in addition to this,
SHYIELD™ is also an excellent cleaner and can help you both clean and disinfect surfaces
throughout your facility in one single step.
Cleaning and disinfection are both important steps in preventing the spread of both
plant and human pathogens. Cleaning is the process of physically removing dirt and
germs from the surface, while disinfection involves killing disease-causing
microorganisms. In cannabis production facilities, both cleaning and disinfection need
to work together, as disinfection cannot occur on a surface without a cleaning step to
get rid of dirt.
As a Health Canada-Registered one-step disinfectant, SHYIELD™ disinfectants can clean
and disinfect surfaces at the same time. SHYIELD™ is formulated with a package of
powerful detergents, which removes dirt residue and allows the disinfectant to kill
fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Many other disinfectants commonly used in the cannabis
industry do not have detergency properties, so surfaces would need to be pre-cleaned
with a separate detergent for the disinfectant to work properly.
As you know from experience, the tools and surfaces used in cannabis production, such
as trimmers, scales, trays, and tabletops are often covered in resin, oils, and other
debris. As a one-step disinfectant, SHYIELD™ can be used to both clean the dirt from
these surfaces, and kill harmful microorganisms that may be present. This can be done
in a few simple steps:
  • Use a dry cloth, brush or scouring pad to remove any major dirt from the surface
    or instrument. This step should take place before any water or liquid cleaning
    product is applied to the surface.
  • Apply SHYIELD™ to the surface, by spraying or wiping with a microfibre cloth or pre-moistened wipe. Allow the disinfectant to remain wet on the surface for the length of the contact time.
  • Rinse or squeegee the surfaces to get rid of excess liquid, or simply let the surfaces air-dry.
With disinfectant chemicals that lack detergency properties, an additional step of cleaning the tools and surfaces with a detergent and water would be required, followed by a rinse to remove the detergent prior to disinfection. Choosing a one-step product such as SHYIELD™ goes a long way in keeping your process fast and convenient.
Take a look at SHYIELD™ Disinfectants in action at James E. Wagner Cultivation

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